Cloudwave Technologies

Cloudwave Technologies is your partner with deep insight of the globally changing IT landscape, along with local presence and regional knowledge.

We enable clients to efficiently and effectively navigate the IT challenges posed by increasing competition, budget constraints, mobile workforce and disruptive technologies.

Our experience is your advantage to traverse the minefield of decisions and define the path to success for you and your organization.

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Cloudwave Technologies has been recently established offering consulting and IT services for Cloud computing, Virtualization, Mobility, Security and Business Continuity.

We also support executive management with IT strategy, innovation and change management.

We bring to the table, innovative ideas, global expertise and over 25 years of IT experience.


Whatever are your challenges, Cloudwave Technologies can help your business grow, compete and be successful. 

Our approach is to have a deep understanding of client’s need and always keep their interest at the forefront. 

Our consulting engagements are customized specifically to meet your requirements.

Regional Knowledge

We are based in UAE and deliver regionally from a pool of global consultants with proven capabilities.

We have the market pulse and first-hand knowledge of regional technology adoption trends in the last decade.

Cloudwave Technologies offers onsite advisory services, solution design and deployment. 

We understand the local work-culture and practices.

We offer consultancy and design solutions that work best for you.

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Cloudwave Technologies provides consultancy to support client executive management with IT strategy, innovation and change management. Consulting services include:

  • IT strategy integration with business needs
  • IT architecture design and transformation
  • IT capability evaluation 
  • IT sourcing strategy

Technology Services

Cloudwave Technologies is your ideal consulting partner to assist with IT advisory services, solution design and implementation in the following areas:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Server consolidation and Virtualization
  • Virtual desktop and Mobility
  • IT Disaster Recovery

Other Services

Cloudwave Technologies helps implement systems and processes for clients to achieve regulatory certification. We also provide assessment and audit of :

  • IT infrastructure
  • Datacenter
  • Security
  • Business Continuity

World Class Portfolio of Offerings

Cloudwave Technologies helps IT function effectively and efficiently by enabling your IT team to deliver
and meet the ever increasing demands placed by business and technology.
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  • Methodology

Our approach is to analyse client requirements, gather information from within client organization and guidance from the technology ecosystem to address business challenges.

We achieve this by understanding client’s key drivers, engaging with all levels in the organization and keeping up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.

Our goal is to expedite the total time for decision making and to deliver successful results.

  • Values

  • Committed- We build long-term, beneficial client relationships.
  • Client-centric- Our approach is to have a deep understanding of client requirement and always keep their interest at the forefront.
  • Result-oriented- Our focus is to provide our clients with competitive advantage and address challenges.
  • Unbiased- We provide vendor-independent consulting.
  • Trusted- The premise of our relationship is based on trust and integrity.
  • Value Proposition

We strive to exceed client expectations by presenting our clients with cutting-edge technology and innovative IT services; promoting best practices; delivering quality and service excellence.

We share our expertise and experience and keep our clients up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.

We collaborate with technology and service providers to expand our portfolio of offerings.